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UTM 1080 series



The UTM-1080 series includes 10-15-20kVA single/single phase, three/single-phase and 10-15-20-30-40-60-80kVA three phase models, and uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI).

The load is powered continuously by the inverter with a filtered, stabilized and regulated sinewave supply. The input and output filters considerably increase the immunity of the load to mains disturbances and surges, even on bypass.


For technology, outstanding performance (selectable operating modes: On-line, Economy, Smart-Active, Standby/Off – for emergency lightning applications) and automatic voltage stabilizer, advanced diagnostics (standard LCD display with 128
readings, RS232 interfaces with PowerShield2 software included, EPO input contact, and a network interface slot), UTM-1080 provides maximum protection for vital ‘mission-critical’ networks and security application (electro-medical).


Additional battery extension packs allow the standard battery runtime to be extended up to several hours.


Note the simple installation: the UPS can be connected both to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies.


  • Reliable, filtered, stabilized and regulated sinewave output (double  on-line conversion technology VFI according to EN50091-3 specifications) with filters for atmospheric disturbance suppression

  • High reliability: IGBT technology, full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual bypasses

  • High level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, Measurements and alarms – available from the built –in LCD In several languages

  • Reduced noise level: high frequency inverter bridge used (>16 kHz: above audible range)

  • Simple to install:
    - Capability to connect the UPS both to to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies
    - Panel to offset voltage drop down long cable runs

  • Maximum reliability and power availability – connect up to 8 units in parallel or N+1 redundancy, even of different power ratings (optional)

  • High level battery reliability:
    - automatic battery test
    - recharge compensated for temperature

  • Low loss high efficiency up to 92% in On-line mode utilizing IGBT
    - technology and up to 98% in other operating modes: “Economy Mode”, Smart Active Mode, and Standby off Mode
    - Economy Mode: uses Line Interactive (VI) technology to power less critical loads from the mains supply for certain period. The function can be set from the front panel keypad or remotely using software

  • Low harmonic pollution in the Aries Clean Version the electronic digital (DPS) control active filter allows: (Optional)
    - Very low distortion (THDi<5%) – compact cabinet (internal option)
    - high efficiency: the activity filter does not reduce operational efficiency

  • Emergency operation: the UPS can be set to operate only when the mains fails (for emergency lighting)

  • Back feed protection: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply

  • By pass may be deactivated to allow operation as frequency converter (at 50 or 60 Hz)





Access for maintenance is entirely from the front of the unit. Open the door and remove the protective panel (standards requirement) and the power components – mounted on a sliding tray – can be pulled out to provide easy access to all the electrical and electronic components for maintenance and repair work


This particular feature means that the MTTR (Mean Time To Repair ) is typically less then 30 minutes.

A large amount of maintenance information is available from The front mimic panel and LCD.


In addition system operating parameters are software configurable via a local PC to allow new functions to be added or adjustments made to operating specifications.



1.    Language selection

2.    Input/output measurements

3.    Controls/settings/customizations

4.    Event log
5.    Buzzer reset
6.    Time/date
7.    Scroll back

8.    Scroll forward

Buttons 7 and 8 are used to display detailed system control information



PowerShield2 also displays the UPS in block format

providing the user with information regarding

operating status

Communication Solutions



  • Compatible with TELEGUARD for remote maintenance

  • Advanced, multi-platform communication, for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield2 supervision and shut-down software included, with SNMP agent, for Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Mac OSx, 9.x, Linux, NT 4.0, Novell operating system. The UPS is equipped with a cable for direct connection to the PC (plug and Play)

  • Can also provide shut-down software for: IBM AIX, Free BSD, BSDI UNIX, BSD/OS, Unixware, SCO Open server, Solaris, SUN, DEC, Compaq True64, HP UNIX, SGI Irix MIPS, NCR UNIX.

  • Double RS232 serial port

  • Network adapter slot for SNMP agent

  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) shut down input contact

  • Remote control panel (optional)

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UPService, our technical assistance facility uses highly trained engineers to provide a reliable and competent technical support and after–sales service.


UPService can provide customers with:

  • A dedicated CALL CENTER for connection to the UPService organisation. UPService personnel are always available and ready to provide advice and assistance regarding UPS installation, maintenance, fault finding and repair.

  • FAST AND READY A fast repair on site is guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art UPS technology and professionalism of the UPService personnel and Authorized Assistance Centers. UPService guarantees that failed parts are replaced with original ones, tested and updated in order to maintain the safety, reliability and operating characteristics of the UPS.

  • COMMISSIONING AND START-UP UPService can provide assistance during commissioning and start of the UPS equipment on-sit with additional training during handover to site personnel. UPService engineers can also verify site suitability, analyze and advise to potential problems, and disconnect and relocate equipment. UPService recommend that all hardwired installations are commissioned by UPService engineers.

  • MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS can be provided by UPService to minimize response times and repair costs. Contracts range from periodic inspections to comprehensive cover including labor and materials.

  • The TELEGUARD software package provides remote 24x7 UPS supervision. TeleGuard can interrogate G-TECH connected to a local telephone line check on their operating logs and system status. Should the UPS report an alarm condition, the UPService Call Center is immediately notified and a dedicated customer response activated. Routing site reports can be sent automatically to customer personnel.

  • UPService organize regular TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSES for UPS operator and installers.


UTM 1080 series




10M 15M 20M


Rated voltage

230 Vac single-phase or 400 Vac three-phase + N

Voltage range

+20% -30%

Frequency range

45Hz ~ 65 Hz

Power factor

> 0.99

Current distortion

Sinusoidal absorbing (CLEAN Version)


Rated voltage

230 Vac

Number of phases

single phase

Permitted voltage range

+ 15% (selectable from + 5% to + 25%)

Rated frequency

50Hz / 60 Hz

Permitted frequency range

+2% (selectable from +1% to +5%)



Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid

Recharge Time



Rated power (kVA)

10 15 20

Rated power (kW)

8 12/10.5 (1 Æ input) 16/12 (1 Æ input)

Number of phases


Rated voltage (V)

220/230/240 selectable

Voltage requalition range

200 - 250 Vac

Crest factor (lpeak/lrms)


Wave from


Distortion  with linear load


Static stability


Dynamic stability

+5% in 5ms


50/60 Hz selectable


125% 150% 200% of the rated current for 10’/1’/7”


Remote Signalling

volt free contacts

Remote controls

EPO and bypass


Double RS 232/C - network adapter slot for SNMP agent

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

95% (non condensing)


Dark Grey RAL 7016


< 55 dBA at 1m

Protection rating



>98% in Economy Model/Smart Active Mode/Standby Off Mode/AVR Mode


Safty EN 50091-1-1 EMC EN 50091-2 Directives 73/23-93/68-89/336 EEC

Weight (kg)

from 90 to 218 from 95 to 285 from 110 to 300

Dimensions (mm)(LxDxH)


Option: CLEAN VERSION for 5% THDi, Remote Monitor Panel, Communication Software & Accessories, Isolation Transformer, Parallelable 6 units.

Note: Due to continuous product improvement technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

UPS three–phase/single phase series: the input cables and protection must be capable of supplying the fully rated single phase output load should UPS switches to bypass mode.

UTM 1080 series

Option: CLEAN VERSION for 4%-5% THDi, Remote Monitor Panel, Communication Software & Accessories, Isolation Transformer, Parallelable 6 units.

Note: Due to continuous product improvement technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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